The Korean Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (KSMRM), established in November 1996,is a nonprofit organization related to research, education, and industry of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy. There are 1791 interdisciplinary members of researchers, physicians, engineers, and industrial partners for mutual exchange of ideas and scientific knowledge.

The aims of the society are

1) to promote the scientific activities in MR,
2) to serve as the body of continuous education and publication in the field of MR,
3) to encourage the members to develop and apply advanced techniques in MR.
4) to bridge the gap between academic developments and industrial implementations in MR

The major activities of KSMRM are

1) holding annual international congress on magnetic resonance imaging which has become an Asian MR community forum with about 800 attendees on average
2) providing annual refresher courses.
3) publishing its own journal, investigative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI), 4 times per year.
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